Hulk Hogan WINS 115$ Million Against Gawker Case (Video)

By | March 19, 2016

Hulk Hogan WINS 115$ Million Against Gawker Case (Video)

Hulk Hogan yesterday won the battle against Gawker Tape (Videos) Released. The Jury decides Gawker Must Pay 115$ Million Dollar to Hulk Hogan against Videos Case. This Sex tape will be posting in media or social media in 2012. On the Florida Jury get favor of Hulk Hogan and decided that his privacy had been invaded.

Hulk Hogan Wins 115$ Million Against Gawker videoTape

Hulk Hogan Win $115 Million Against Sex Tape

Hulk Hogan Win $115 Million Against Video Tape

Hulk Hogan get 55$ Million in economic Injuries and 60$million dollar for emotional distress (massive amount in damage owned by Gawker).

Here you get Statement of Nick Denton –

Given Key evidence and the most important witness were both improperly withheld form this jury, we all knew the appeals court will need to resolve the case. I want to thank our lawyers for their outstanding work and am confident that we would have prevailed at trial jury. That’s why we fell very positive about the appeal that we have already begun preparing, as we expected to win this case ultimately

Hulk Hogan Win $115 Million Against Gawker Case

As Hulk Hogan felling ( We Feel Very Positive About the Appeal )

As per Gawker this wont’s be end of the court battle. Thought Gawker lost this round. Its already preparing an appeal. And what happens next is a big deal. For one Gawker’s business is on the line depending on how high these damage go.

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